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The city is a canyon, Orlanda’s its river. She’s red and raging, green and lazy. Orlanda is a place of elusive quality, of perfect imperfection, waiting for you.


Spoon in Horn | Brown

size: 2,8 cm / 14,3 cm

material: horn

This elegant spoon is handmade of soft natural horn, sustainably harvested from cows, so each pattern is unique. It’s the perfect baby spoon, soft and gently, if you want to avoid plastic. It’s also the perfect spoon in your kitchen for jam, sugar or coffee.

Due to the handmade nature of this spoon and the natural materials, the unique spoon you will receive, may differ slightly from the picture and show minor variations in tone and pattern. 

Moisturize every 3 months with lanolin or oil. Store away from direct light or heat.


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