For the summer of 2017, Veja and Flaneurz launched a pair of rollerskate-sneakers that will most-likely appeal to the roller disco nostalgics as well as those who strive for a greater social and ecological world.

Veja Flaneurz Orlanda Sneakers Skate Shop

Flaneurz turned Veja’s cult model, the V-10, into a funky pair of rollerskates. With its metal interface placed inside the sneaker, you can easily switch from rollerskate to sneaker. Perfectly prepared for an impromptu roller disco night or a high-speed chase around the city.

Veja Flaneurz Orlanda Sneakers Skate Shop

The sneakers are made of wild rubber from Amazonia, with an organic cotton sole and leather upper, all ecologically produced in Brazil. The skates are made in France, in La Courneuve. This little gem is available for 475€.

From Brazil to France, Veja items support fair trade and sustainability. Through innovative technology, equitable materials and a minimalist look, the brand is taking the sneaker world by storm.

Installed at the Courneuve and rewarded with the Talents des Cités prize, the two young founders of Flaneurz revolutionize rollerblades by adapting pairs of sneakers on rollerskate platforms. The offices and workshops are located in La Courneuve. Flaneurz is thus participating in the dynamism of the northern suburbs of Paris, and more particularly in improving the image of the district.