Describing Lemaire’s clothes can be a daunting task; their aesthetic is well established and unwavering. When in contact with a piece of Lemaire, it feels like something that was born rather than made. 

Orlanda Lemaire AW18 Journal 2018 02

From a distance, the smooth lines of the Parisian label’s carefully considered work jackets and structured handbags could seem so coolly restrained as to feel impenetrable. Yet in coming closer, nothing could be more personal, organic, or human. Because in entering the life of the wearer, an egg bag has a full life already behind it — laboriously hand-lasted against hard wood in the heart of Tuscany — before its life of use begins. 

“Our bags are very specific, but the clothes need to be communicated with a lot of softness? They never shout. Sometimes we need to force people to actually wear item because when they do they realize it’s not just a t-shirt – the shoulder is a little bit dropped, the fabric is very fine…” - Lemaire’s Sarah-Linh Tran

Orlanda Lemaire AW18 Journal 2018 05
Orlanda Lemaire AW18 Journal 2018 06

During the SS19 show, designers Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran united men and women on the runway for the first time. “We are interested in what they share: a certain steadiness, a care for quality and ease, sensuality, strength, a precise point of view, a search of timeless style, curiosity, an open spirit.”


Lemaire’s men’s and women’s collections are exclusively for sale at Orlanda.