The city is a canyon, Orlanda’s its river. She’s red and raging, green and lazy. Orlanda is a place of elusive quality, of perfect imperfection, waiting for you.

Bielo, when fashion-forward meets tradition

Located in the mountains of La Llacuna (Barcelona), Bielo has its roots in more than 25 years of expertise in the production of knitted garments. Warmth, craftsmanship, thoughtfulness and calm are as many values passed down through generations and that still ring true today.

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Bielo is synonym of craftsmanship and fine quality as each and every single garment is exclusively designed using the best fabrics (cashmere, mohair, merino wool, camel, royal alpaca, nubuck...), taking care of the smallest details to turn them into timeless pieces.












The collections are created with purpose, care, and distinction. With their genderless feel, Bielo garments are aimed at men and women who understand that style goes hand-in-hand with quality, fine work and hand-made finish. Bielo is created by and for people with an ageless spirit, with a strong focus on functionality and spontaneity year after year.

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Bielo is sold in high-end multi-brand boutiques across the globe such as Merci (Paris), Dover Street Market NYC (New York, Tokyo), La Garçonne (New York) and Tomorrowland Shibuya (Tokyo).

A unique DNA coupled with a spirit of continuity are two of the many reasons why the Orlanda team has been utterly seduced by Bielo. Now in store.