Orlanda is proud to present its collaboration with Bea Mombaers for Serax.
On May 31st our Brussels based store will be all about the collection’s Belgian design
and its international appearance.


Bea Mombaers’ renowned interior line with subdued lounge sofas, leather beanbags, side tables, black steel shelfs, and decorative mirrors inspired Serax for yet another fruitful partnership with the designer.


For their bag collection Bea searched for Latin influences since the selected coated buffalo leather has tanned on Italian soil.The shoppers come in handy oversized volumes, ideal for the day-to-day life.

Bea’s previous success stories with Serax have been shared in international publications such as
Vogue Living, RUM and AD. We expect nothing less for their next joint line.

Orlanda BeaXSerax 2018.05.02

On May 31st Orlanda organizes an amicable get-together with the designer and her team.
We’d love to welcome you for an inspiring and delightful evening.