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The city is a canyon, Orlanda’s its river. She’s red and raging, green and lazy. Orlanda is a place of elusive quality, of perfect imperfection, waiting for you.


Sabato Knokke Bowl Terrazzo

Visual artist and ceramist Luca Beel roamed the beaches of Knokke to collect shells for the annual Sabato Knokke Special.
Luca has blended these shells with concrete and granito into an exclusive terrazzo bowl, the Sabato Knokke Bowl. Sober yet robust, Luca’s bowl hovers between eye-catching design and interior object. One of a kind, the Sabato Knokke Bowl is a collector’s item in the true sense of the word.
As this limited edition bowl is crafted by hand, each piece is unique and scale may vary. The bowl (ø: 47 cm) can now be made to order for €349 (excluding shipping cost of €20 — shipping to Belgium only — delivery time from 8 to 16 weeks).
All images copyrighted by © Luca Beel



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