Coffee Bean Matcha Latte Recipe

This is the best coffee bean matcha latte recipe that I have ever tried! It is so easy to make and only requires a few simple ingredients. The matcha powder gives the latte a beautiful green color and a delicious flavor.

I highly recommend using high quality coffee beans and matcha powder for this recipe.

This coffee bean matcha latte recipe is the perfect way to enjoy a delicious and healthy cup of coffee. Made with just four simple ingredients, this latte is full of antioxidants and provides a gentle boost of energy. Enjoy it hot or iced, for a refreshing treat any time of day.

Coffee Bean Matcha Latte Calories

One of the most popular drinks at coffee shops these days is the matcha latte. But what exactly is matcha, and why are people so obsessed with it? Matcha is a powder made from green tea leaves that has been ground into a very fine powder.

It’s traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies, and has become popular in recent years as a health food due to its high levels of antioxidants. When it comes to lattes, matcha is usually combined with milk and sweetener to create a rich and creamy beverage. A typical 16-ounce matcha latte made with 2% milk and 2 tablespoons of sugar contains about 170 calories.

So if you’re looking for a guilt-free treat, a matcha latte might be a good choice. However, keep in mind that not all coffee shop matcha lattes are created equal – some may be loaded with sugar or other ingredients that bump up the calorie count. When in doubt, ask for your barista to make your latte with unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk instead of dairy milk for a lower calorie option.

Coffee Bean Matcha Latte Recipe


What is in a Matcha Latte at Coffee Bean?

A matcha latte at Coffee Bean is a drink made with matcha green tea powder, milk, and ice. The matcha powder is dissolved in hot water to make a concentrated tea, which is then combined with milk and ice. The result is a refreshing, slightly sweetened drink with a strong green tea flavor.

Does Coffee Bean Matcha Latte Have Caffeine?

Coffee Bean’s matcha latte does in fact have caffeine. A 16 oz cup of their matcha latte has 70 mg of caffeine.

How Much Coffee Do You Put in a Matcha Latte?

A matcha latte is a type of drink that combines green tea powder with milk and steamed milk. The proportion of coffee to matcha powder can vary, but a typical ratio is 1:2 or 1:3. This means that for every 2 ounces (60 grams) of matcha powder, you would use 1 ounce (30 grams) of coffee.

If using a 3-ounce (90-gram) cup, this would be 1/3 cup (30 grams) of coffee to 2/3 cup (60 grams) of matcha powder. To make a 16-ounce (480-mL) latte, you would need 8 ounces (240 mL) of milk and 4 ounces (120 mL) of water.

Does Coffee And Matcha Taste Good Together?

Yes, coffee and matcha can taste good together. The key is to find a balance that works for you. Some people like to add a little bit of sweetener to their coffee-matcha mixture, while others prefer it without any sweetness.

Experiment until you find a combination that you enjoy.


This recipe is for a delicious and healthy coffee bean matcha latte. Matcha is a green tea powder that is full of antioxidants, and adding it to your coffee can help boost its health benefits. This latte is also dairy-free and refined sugar-free, making it a great choice for those who are looking for a healthier alternative to their usual morning coffee.

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