Cheese Danish Coffee Cake Recipe

This Cheese Danish Coffee Cake Recipe is the perfect way to start your day! This easy breakfast cake is made with just a few simple ingredients and can be on your table in less than an hour. The rich cream cheese filling and flaky pastry make this coffee cake irresistible.

This Cheese Danish Coffee Cake Recipe is the perfect way to start your day! This recipe is easy to follow and yields a delicious and moist cake that is bursting with flavor. The addition of cheese makes this coffee cake even more special, and the hint of lemon adds a refreshing zing.

Serve this cake for breakfast or brunch with friends and family, and enjoy every bite!

Cheese Danish Cake Recipe

If you love cheese danishes, then you’ll adore this cake! Our Cheese Danish Cake Recipe is easy to follow and results in a moist, flavorful cake that’s perfect for any occasion. This cake features a creamy cheese filling sandwiched between layers of flaky pastry.

The filling is made with cream cheese, sour cream, eggs, and sugar, and it’s flavored with a touch of vanilla extract. The pastry dough is simple to work with, and it bakes up beautifully. Once the cake is baked and cooled, it’s time to assemble.

First, spread the cheese filling over one layer of pastry. Top with the second layer of pastry, then use a piping bag or zip-top bag to pipe on the frosting. We like using a classic vanilla buttercream for this recipe, but feel free to get creative!

This Cheese Danish Cake is best served immediately after assembling. It will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days, but the texture and flavor are best when enjoyed fresh.

Cheese Danish Coffee Cake Recipe


Is Danish And Coffee Cake the Same?

No, Danish and coffee cake are not the same. While they both may be sweet and contain coffee, that is where the similarities end. Danish is a type of pastry that is made from dough that contains eggs, butter, and milk.

This dough is then rolled out and filled with fruit or cream before being formed into various shapes and sizes. Coffee cake, on the other hand, is a cake that generally contains cinnamon and nuts (such as walnuts or pecans) in the batter or streusel topping. It can also include chocolate chips or other mix-ins.

Coffee cake is often served with coffee (as its name implies) but can also be enjoyed on its own.

What is a Cheese Danish from Starbucks Made Of?

If you’re in the mood for a sweet and cheesy treat, Starbucks has got you covered with their cheese danishes. These pastries are made with a fluffy dough filled with creamy cheese and topped with a streusel crumb topping. While they may sound indulgent, these danishes are actually surprisingly light and not too sweet.

So if you’re looking for a delicious snack to enjoy with your coffee or tea, be sure to give Starbucks’ cheese danish a try!

What is Polish Coffee Cake?

Polish coffee cake, also called korzenne ciasto or prune cake, is a traditional Polish dessert. It is made with a yeast dough and filled with a prune or plum butter. The cake is then baked and served with a dusting of powdered sugar.

This cake has its origins in the 18th century when prunes were first introduced to Poland. At that time, prunes were considered to be a luxurious ingredient and were only used in special occasion desserts. Today, Polish coffee cake is still considered a special treat and is often served at holidays and other celebrations.

If you’re looking for an impressive but easy-to-make dessert, Polish coffee cake is the perfect choice. The rich flavor of the prune filling pairs perfectly with the fluffy yeast dough and the dusting of powdered sugar gives it an elegant finish.


This Cheese Danish Coffee Cake Recipe is the perfect way to start your day! This easy recipe comes together in just a few minutes, and it’s packed with flavor. The coffee cake is moist and fluffy, and the cheese filling is rich and creamy.

It’s the perfect breakfast treat!

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