Wood Wood

Founded in 2002 by Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen, Wood Wood is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand has its own stores in Berlin, Aarhus and Copenhagen as well as an on-line shop.

The founders grew up in the 90’s surrounded by graffiti and street culture. Therefore, they created Wood Wood as a sub-cultural lifestyle label by mixing high fashion, sports and streetwear with youth culture, art and music.

One could describe Wood Wood as a combination of fashion conscious sophistication and urban. Throughout the years, Wood Wood has made more than 50 collaborations with renowned international brands such as Nike, LEGO, Barbour, Eastpak and Adidas.

Always staying true to the sub-cultural heritage of the brand, Wood Wood’s collections provide new takes on iconic silhouettes together with a sports-fashion approach.

Only available in store, not online.