Wali Mohammed Barrech

The collection of Wali Mohammed Barrech breathes tangible luxury with an exotic punch. FRAMESERIES OI is not only the product of a predilection for luxury materials, authentic craftsmanship and innovative shapes; this handbag collection demonstrates Wali Barrech’s foremost ambition to develop a unique language of design.

His life has always been a succession of different emotions, impressions and cultures, and this is reflected by his label. Through his label, Wali Mohammed Barrech is searching for a universal language, a timeless aesthetic free of language barriers, cultures and trends. His style is characterised by a fascinating interplay of design, detail, craftsmanship and innovative luxury materials.

FRAMESERIES is a compilation of memories, templates, intentions and references, materialised in the form of handbags. Through this collection, Barrech endeavours to create a series of smartly designed objects that do not only exude sculptural and aesthetic appeal, but are also very practical and functional.

Barrech’s handbags are also unique in the perspective of our current Zeitgeist: every bag is made entirely by hand by Barrech himself, from start to finish, in his studio in Antwerp.

Only available in store, not online.