P. Le Moult

The adventurer Eugène Le Moult’s made-to-measure nightwear was kept in use in the family as his son and grandson had the same build: tall and athletic. These pieces are being rereleased by his great-grand-daughter P.Le Moult.

Eugène Le Moult was the Number One butterfly hunter of his time. Sometimes he had to sleep alone in the jungle and it was necessary for him to quickly react at the approach of vipers, tarants and jaguars and other wild animals. With such an occupaton, his clothes had to be functional.

Praline, his grandaughter, graduated from both Central-Saint Martins and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Winner of the LVMH Arts Prize, she inherited her grandfather’s clothes. In addition to the stories she heard from her grandmother, she started doing some research on Eugène’s life through his autobiography “Mes Chasses aux Papillons” and other scholarly articles on his work in French Guiana.

Only available in store, not online.