Born in 2016, NO/AN is a handbag line conceived by Brussels-based Finnish designer Anna Lehmusniemi. Having worked for several fashion brands before and realized that accessories were her favorite field, she logically turned to handbags as a source of inspiration, focusing on sleek lines and high-quality skins.

Anna Lehmusniemi’s handbags work as a counter-example to overconsumption and the reckless speed of the fashion industry. Her collection is reconnecting clients with the beauty of long lasting and patiently crafted bags. Supple and relaxed styles with minimal details are at the heart of NO/AN. The bags are produced in small series, underlining their exclusive appeal. Using a restrained colour palette, the NO/AN collection features graphic and geometrical lines, recalling Nordic landscapes and architecture.

With a more humane and a slower approach towards luxury, Anna Lehmusniemi made a clear decision to keep her production within Europe, delivering high standards, as well as longevity for her handbags. The bags are handmade in Portugal by a specialized and family owned atelier, where the artisans involved get to sign the styles that they produced by hand. The skins come from a local tannery located in the region of Leiria.

Only available in store, not online.