The N°21 adventure began in 2010. Founded by Alessandro Dell’Acqua, the brand offers a modern and feminine wardrobe. The designer has decided to focus his energy on a real and meaningful approach, mixing his great knowledge of knitwear and product to present ready-to-wear with a contemporary appeal. Overall, N°21 can be defined as a subtle blend of feminine and masculine shapes and fabrics.

Nº21 injects a refreshing, dynamic sensibility into a modern, feminine aesthetic. Think of a softened palette of monochrome and pastel hues interspersed with glimmering elements and graphic prints.

N°21 is not only sold in the brand’s own flagship stores but has been picked up by high-end retailers like Farfetch, Net-a-porter, Luisa Via Roma and Matches Fashion. And soon, the SS18 collection of N°21 will be available at Orlanda.

Only available in store, not online.