Maison Labiche

Maison Labiche is a team of three complementary personalities who joined forces in 2010 to create beautiful, timeless products, designed with craft. They each bring their respective experiences and their common aesthetic sensibility to use. Jenny is the architect of the image, Jean-Baptiste is the ambitious entrepreneur and Marie, the creative emeritus.

Very quickly, the thirty-something trio developed a house with a soul and personality thanks to basic products combining style and quality. Their embroidered t-shirts, marinières and sweatshirts reflect a sense of nostalgia. Over the course of the seasons, the collections have expanded and Maison Labiche now offers a fair and sharp wardrobe, always cut in beautiful materials. The cotton t-shirts are of exceptional quality.

Seduced by the young brand, Parisian concept store Colette rapidly became their first big selling point which allowed them to reach a wide audience, beyond French borders. Already sold on high-end retail platforms like Farfetch or Luisa Via Roma, Maison Labiche is now also available at Orlanda.

Only available in store, not online.