Maison Flâneur

MAISON FLÂNEUR. Inspired by the French poet Charles Baudelaire and his concept of “Flâneur” (stroller in English), this Italian brand offers timeless pieces that strongly reflect the wearer’s personality.

With a strong focus on details and high-quality fabrics, the MAISON FLÂNEUR wardrobe features strong and elegant pieces. The brand aims at highlighting each person’s creativity and identity, whether that person lives in an urban city or a rural town. Singularity is key, not matter the context.

Their seamless knitwear is manufactured by skillful craftsmen combining rare vintage hand knitting machines and innovative techniques. These age-old methods provide top comfort and natural elasticity. With regards to this strong heritage, the Italian label is also opting for a low-volume production.

MAISON FLÂNEUR garments are made with pride in Veneto, Italy.

Only available in store, not online.