Dusan Paunovic’s creations radiate precision cuts, remarkable fabrics and a tasteful attention to details. Dusan is a brand that goes beyond old-school minimalism. Ultimately, his collection defines the ‘new’ luxury of today. ‘My fashion is a lifestyle,’ says Paunovic who does not show according to the official fashion week calendars.

‘When I am making these clothes, I always think what the houses of the women who are wearing them are like. This is very important to me.’

Within every collection created by Dusan, there is a strong DNA strongly based on a ‘loose luxury’ lifestyle that ranges from the highly sophisticated chic woman to the ‘cool’ fashion girl who appreciates his modern proportions.

Dusan’s collections share an exquisite sense of sophistication. Thanks to the colour palette, the organic undertone and the highest level of fabric integrity, each season is an experimentation of new handmade techniques, but always with luxury in mind. The elegant draperies, exaggerated details and androgynous cuts have rapidly seduced high-end retailers like Farfetch and La Garçonne (New York).

Only available in store, not online.