Bea Mombaers x Serax

Nomadism and minimalism. Those are the two key words to define the subtlety, quality and easiness that root from Bea Mombaers x Serax luxury bags & accessories collection.

Over the last years Bea Mombaers has envisioned not only a practical – but also an adaptable – array of leather selection which captures a distinguished nonchalance in line with her art and interior design heritage. All in the detail with a natural quality of well-crafted simplicity.

The self-made-woman looks for Latin influences to integrate in her designs, since the selected leather is tanned on the Italian soil. The Bea Mombaers leather ready-to-cherish bags are made for the day-to-day life.

“Less is more” with Bea and small quantities should be correlated to high standard quality. Every single item reflects an elusive and unexpected dynamism.

Think of a shopper bag with an elbow-handle that also has the possibility to turn into a one-shoulder-bag.

Bea’s successful story has been shared in interior publications such as Vogue Living, RUM and AD. Her sharp view on interior settings and sleeping accommodations grasped international attention.

In Bea’s B&B, a self-made lodging based in the resort town of Knokke-le-Zoute at Belgium’s seaside, Bea Mombaers knows how to conceive the cosiest atmospheres. The wholeheartedness of the home interior design makes it hard for guests not to enjoy their stay. Often the possibility arises to take a souvenir of their journey within Bea’s B&B with them afterwards.

A line of bags and accessories true to its present-day approach, now and future-wise. The carefully selected coated buffalo leather embellishes every item that disappears into it.

After remarkable experience in arts and designs, Bea Mombaers has given shape to ready-to-wear items, qualified for a long life of usage.