The city is a canyon, Orlanda’s its river. She’s red and raging, green and lazy. Orlanda is a place of elusive quality, of perfect imperfection, waiting for you.

Anna Maria Blanco

Anna Maria Blanco is a new Belgian swimwear brand. Made in Belgium, with Italio love.

Anna Maria Blanco equals passion, femininity and personality, just like the brand’s founder and designer Carolina Pizzutilo. The Belgian-Italian Carolina initiated Anna Maria Blanco as a tribute to her mother, a beautiful, strong, proud and stylish woman. She loved seeing her daughter in a bathing suit, but it was never the right model. Always too ordinary or not the right quality.

In July 2017 Carolina’s mother passed away after a long struggle with cancer. It was during this time Carolina secretly started ‘Anna Maria Blanco’ and began sketching her first swimsuits.